Sunday, December 18, 2011

I FINALLY got unstuck and i'm back on track...

"Keep going. That pain you feel? That's fear melting away like wax off a candle. That's weakness washing out of your pores like a monsoon. That's the old you being shed away like dead skin. That's the new you, rising out of the ashes of your former self."

Lost 5 lbs. this week
Total weight loss: 23lbs.

Pants that fit me 2 years ago!! I fit in them now!! whoot whoot!!!

Top pants used to fit me 4 months ago. middle pants used to fit me 7 years ago. bottom pants fit me 2 years ago!!

These are the pants that i used to fit about 7 years ago after i had my son. He's 8 now!! I fit in them again!!!
Guess what everyone!!! I got unstuck finally and i've lost 5 more lbs. this week. I have lost a total of 23 lbs. to date!!! I tried on a pair of my pants that i kept after i gave birth to my son and guess what.. they fit. no sucking in the tummy.. no jumping up and down to try to fit into it. No laying down on the mattress with a nose plier trying to zip up the zipper. Nope I just tried them on and they fit. 7 year old old navy khaki pants size medium. I even tried on a blue pair jeans (levi's) that fit me 2 years ago and that fit too. I've enclosed a picture of what my jean sizes have gone from. Though i would love to go shopping for new clothes I have decided to wait till i have reach my goal weight. I can't wait till i get there. Goal of 5 lbs at a time. I have 25 more lbs to lose.
Can everyone believe that christmas is almost here?? 7 more days to go and 5 more days till my birthday!!! Super excited!! I will be 31 this year. I am looking foward to 2012. This i feel will be a great year!! I can't wait. I hope everyone has a great christmas and a great new year!! 2012 Here we come!!!

What is your biggest achievement of the year?

My biggest achievement this year is still being here alive and kicking. I lost a family member this year (he was only 35)  and that was my wake up call. That was when i decied to make a change in my life and change how i live. After much pushing and encouragement from my beastie Shannon I joined mamavation and i am so glad i did. I have achieved so much in such a short time. I am glad that I get to wake up everyday and spend more time with my family. I am thankful though I wish i could turn back the time that I got my wake up call. I wish i could bring my cousin back but i'm also thankful tha it finally made me realize i need to get moving and make a change if i want to still be here to meet my grandkids.  I have lost 23 lbs to date. My next achievement this year is doing my first 5k in October. I am just glad that i finished and that i did it for a good cause. It was a charity run/walk fundraiser 5k. It felt good do something good for me and for someone else.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Need to get unstuck..


You have failed only when you quit trying. Until then, you're still in the act of progression. So, never quit trying and you'll never be a failure.---Tommy Kelley

This week has been a little tough for me. I am feeling stuck and I don't know how to get unstuck. I have been watching what i've been eating and doing the 2week mamavation challenge and adding EA Sports Active Game on Wii. What am i doing wrong?? My scale has not moved an inch. Not gaining any is a plus but not losing any is quite defeating. I am irritated a little but i'm trying not to let it get me down. Hearing my kids tell me that i'm getting skinnier and my "pouch" of a tummy is getting smaller is a plus. Though I am a little discourage this week again I am going to "Suck it up" and keep forging ahead.


How does your family support your weight loss efforts?

My family is very supportive. They tell me positive things about how I am looking. My kids have learned from school the good and the bad habits of what to eat so that helps around the house. They actually have a system. It's Called a stop light. GO (Green) Whoa (Yellow) and Slow (Red) Foods. GO foods are foods we eat almost anytime. SLOW foods are foods we eat sometimes or less often. WHOA foods are foods we eat on special occasions or once in awhile. It does help for them to know what i should and shouldn't eat and it helps them to so that they can eat healthy.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Time to get back on track!


No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers.  ~Author Unknown

This week was a little tough for me.. I got off track... though not by choice. I've been sick for the past week with a chest congestion and totally felt like crap. Kids were also sick so between getting better and wiping off buggers and taking care of them didn't feel like myself. Hence.. no working out. I gained 2 lbs.. oh no.. i know not the end of the world but i feel defeated. I was doing so good.. then this my first road block. It's ok though because I know i'm not perfect and i'm going to hit lots of road blocks ahead. I just need to over come them and move foward.  So today is the start of another Mamavation 2 week challenge and I am super stoked about it. I am putting my best foot foward and it going full steam ahead. I need to get back on track and this 2 week challenge is my ticket to it.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 Wheat Toast no butter, and A glass of Water
I've started the day off with a good start today. Egg's and Toast and my water. Love water. So that is my goal this week is to get back on track. I can do this and will!

Weightloss this week - 0
Weight gained this week - +2
Total weightloss - 18 pounds.

 When it comes to holiday shopping, how do you make sure you stick to your budget ?

Holiday Shopping is a nightmare! But to stick to my budget I do check ad's for sales and make sure i have my coupon in handy. Though my BFF is better at is. Shannon is the coupon queen. I do use it more now than before.  Just remember to have your coupons in handy and ready when you check out. Make sure you have flyers handy incase you find something and you know it's cheaper at another store. Most places do price match as long as you have proof. Oh and don't forget to write a list out. Keeps you from spending too much.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Looking Back...

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Success is not a race, be patient.
Success leads to success.
Success is always a work in progress.
Success doesn't come to you--you go to it
Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process.
Some people dream about success... while others wake up and work hard at it.
Success is achieved and maintained by those who try-and keep trying.
Everyday is a good day to SUCCEED!
If at first you don't succeed-try, try again

           Do you ever keep something like a picture to keep you motivated when you get off track? I do. I have this picture of me that is not so flattering if i say so myself. I look bad. I look at it to remind myself that I want to change for the better. I want to be healthier and I would like to look good dammit!! So I keep in handy when I need a boost of energy of why I am doing this. I keep it handy when I want to just give up.
         This past holiday was a little tough. Though I wanted to indulge in everything that was cooked and baked, I held my ground. I kept it to smaller portions and limited myself into eating what i can. If I wanted seconds I would ask myself do I really want it? Wait 5 more minutes and prayed it passed.. and it did. :) How was your thanksgiving holiday? Did you have any obstacles to overcome like I did?
          I have lost another 2 more lbs. this week. A total of 18 lbs. to date. Whoo hoo!! 2 more pounds to go and I will hit my 20 lb. goal. I can't wait.

What are you thankful for in your life?

I am thankful for being alive.I am thankful for having a job that puts food on the table and to be able to  buy things that are a neccessaity and also a home for me and my family to live in. I am also thankful for having a car that takes me from point A to point B. I am thankful that my kids are healthy and alive.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Being Grateful...

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. - Oprah Winfrey

The Month of November is a busy time of the month, but it is also the month that we show that what we are most thankful for. Do you ever just look around and wonder or say to yourself that wow it's great to be alive. I do once and awhile. I am thankful for taking a breath each day and the day after that. I am so thankful for the people around me and the people I have met new and old. I am thankful for the new memories that I make each day and every day from now on. Then you remember the people that aren't here to be thankful. The month of November is the month I lost my mother. Though I don't exactly know her I do wish I could've met her. I am thankful that she and my dad created me and gave me life. I am thankful I am here today and I am thankful for living. What are you thankful for this year? Just remember that when we sit down for thanksgiving dinner this week make sure to be thankful for being with your family. You only get to live life once. Make sure you treasure it and live it to it's fullest extent.
On a good note I have lost 2.4  more pounds this week. Totaling 16.0 lbs lost. Super excited. I hit my 15 lb. mark and to celebrate I took a picture of myself.  I think I look pretty damn good if I say so myself.


What is your plan to avoid overindulging during holiday feasts?

During the holiday feast I plan on eating small portions and excercise more. I know I can't over eat or all my hard work will go down the drain but I know I can still savor all my favorite foods without eating too much. Smaller plates means smaller portions. I am also going to be drinking lots of water before the big meal so that I can limit my over eating.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Feeling GREAT!


GO FOR IT!!! You can achieve INCREDIBLE Sucess.
-Lloyd Campbell
Can you believe that two weeks have gone by already since we've started the 2 week challenge? I can't believe it's over already, I feel like we just started. Though there were times I felt exhausted and ready to give up I didn't. I pushed forward and I finished strong. The last day of the 2 week challenge I incorporated the EA sports active wii game i received from joining the mamavation sistahood. I know it's been a few weeks since i got it and had yet to open the package.Been quite busy and stressed out with work and school and running around with my 2kids.... Well to make a long story short I opened it up today and I'm glad I did because I absolutely LOVE IT! I recommend everyone to have one. The plus side my kids started doing it with me. I think this will be my new everyday workout as i wait for another 2 week challenge to start. Last time I waited and went on a break from my workout about killed me. Not doing it for a week was not a good thing. My goal this time it to stay on track and keep at it. I know i can do and I have to do I want to reach my goal weight. Winter is fast approaching and the weather is turning cold so walking outside is out of the question so my next solution is my wii EA Sports Active workout.

 What do you do to stay active now that winter is fast approaching?? Any suggestions or ideas for me to try? I would love to hear them.

In conclusion I have lost 2.4 more pounds this week with a total of 13.4 pounds lost. I can't believe. I love seeing the numbers sliding back and i love the feeling of feeling great. I hope everyone has a great week to this week and can you believe thanksgiving is fast approaching?? I sure can't pretty soon it will be December.  I can't wait. December is my favorite month out of the year! Talk to you all later.

What kind of activities have you done with a pedometer on?

I have done a lot of things with my pedometer. My fist accomplishment was using it when i did my first 5k! It felt great finishing but it was also a bonus to see how many steps i took that day. Never realized how many steps a person takes during the day. Since that day I have been using my pedometer everywhere... to work.. to the grocery store.. or just walking around the house. My omron pedometer is stuck by my waist at all times and I'm loving it. :)

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Steps...

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Happy Monday Everyone!!! This past week has been a good week. I have managed to lose another pound. Though I wish it was more my husband keeps telling me baby step honey baby steps.. Slowly but surely you'll reach your goal weight. I know he's right. I just have to be patient and keep trucking foward. Though deep down inside I wish it would just melt away. Nothing really new to report. I have been doing the 2 week challenge again and though I did take a week break from the previous one I don't think I'll be doing that again. Not excercising for a week just about killed my body when I did excercise again. Though I am loving the feeling of being energized I don't think my body agrees with me at this point. I just keep telling it to suck it up and keep going.
As we all know the November is National Diabetes Awarness Month. Now for people who personally know me you would know also that I have diabetes. I have type 2. Though I know it can be a battle to deal with I also know it's a battle I can win in the end and my reward would be to stay healthy. So in that retrospect I move on to the blogging carnival quesion of the week.

How has Type II diabetes affected your life?

Type II diabetes has affected my life in an enourmous way. I have type II diabetes. I acquired it after I gave birth to my first baby. After he was born they did a random test at a normal doctor's visit since it runs it my family and low and behold I had it. The moment I was told I had it I cried. Though I know its not life threatening and I can't die but knowing that I was on the same path as my mother didn't sit well with me. My mother had diabetes. She didn't make it. She was a stubborn lady that didn't think taking her medicine would help much and to that outcome she passed away and I never got to get to know her. So knowing this new information I eventually go on the right path. For awhile anyway. I then got pregnant with my second child. My daughter. Through out that pregnancy I did follow the rules. I had the insulin pump and everything was going well. Counting carbs watching what i eat. Then I gave birth and I don't know what changed but didn't follow through on watching myself. A few years later I paid dearly for it. My pancreas flared up and I was admitted to the hospital. Not taking care of myself and blood sugar being high my pancreas didn't like it too much.  Not a pretty 3 week stay in the hospital. Not seeing my kids for 2 weeks being in the ICU about killed me.  So since that day about 2 years ago I have been fighting to stay healthy. Though it isn't any easy task it is a task I plan on keeping. I unlike my mother want to meet my grandkids and get to know my children. I want to live a healthy fulfilling life. So I take it day to day now. Counting my calories, watching what I eat, taking my pills and insulin. My goal though I might take me awhile is to lose 30 more pounds. I have already lost 11 lbs since being part of the mamavation sisterhood and doing the 2 week challenges. I actually look foward to them rather that grunt when I first started doing them about 3 months ago.

In conclusion to watching what I eat I also recommend trying out a recipe. Though I haven't tried it out yet I have done one close to it. Scrambled Eggs with tomato. Better 'n Eggs has a better version. Basil and Tomato Scrambled Eggs  Though I haven't tried it yet it sounds delicious. I love tomato and I love eggs so how can it go wrong. I hope everyone has a great week this week!!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grasping at Straws....

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Weight Lost to date: 10 lbs.
Weight lost this week: None
Weight gained this week: None :)

Hi Everyone! My post is a little late this week. I've been so busy. Though that's not excuse it's my only one at the moment and it's the truth. As a mother to two little monkeys, working full time and going to school my schedule is a bit hectic at the moment and stressful. So please bare with me for a minute or two as i vent out my fustration. I am literally grasping at straws. The month of November is actually a very touching month for me. November is the month for awareness for Type 2 Diabetes. Only my closest friends who know me know that I have type 2 diabetes. It is something I rarely tell people.

 Another secret that I don't tell people is that the month of November is the month I lost my mother to diabetes.I was at a very young age (literally an infant-see pic).  So as you can tell November is a pretty emotional month for me and it is also the same reason that keeps me going to change my life and lose weight. My motivation is that I want to live long and old enough to meet my grandkids.  If you have diabetes then you know the ups and downs of having it and the difficulties of staying on track and losing weight. For me it has been a challenge. Blood Sugar being low is a new thing that i am facing with, while counting my calories and excercising.  So as i discover new recipes and watch my numbers move back slowly i am still figuring out how to stay on track. Any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a good week.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoping For More Success To Come..

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"There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way."
Christopher Morley

This past week has been an awesome week! I have continued to count calories and still manage to put time in thought not a lot walking on the treadmilll. This past saturday was my first 5k. I finished and felt so awesome. Though I did it with my two kids, pushing a stroller ( my little coco bean decided to be done 1/2 way through it.. glad i brought it along) and it was more walking than running I am just grateful to finish.  Plus a bonus was it was for a a good cause. That's what made it more grateful. I even remebered to use my omoron pedometer i got. I love that thing! Though I have to remember to keep it on at all times. I do tend to forget. I am realizing just how much steps I actually take a day and I surely want to hit that 10,000 steps a day goal. I also am excited to say that I have lost another 2 lbs. so a total of 10 lbs so far since counting my calories. I am loving it and loving life. I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

Question of the week:
How would you brand your health and wellness lifestyle?  How do you want others to know you in this area?

I would brand my health and wellness lifestyle in easy going, easy to do it style. I think that you can achieve weight loss and change as long as you don't try to make it too complicated and stress over it. You have to set it to where you feel like your doing it for yourself and this is something that is easy for you to accomplish. I want it to be an easy go with the flow feeling. I wouldn't want to be doing just because everyone expects me to I want to do because I want to. Plain and Simple. Go with the flow. If I lose a couple lbs. this week or not I'm not going to dwell on it. I'm going to make changes for the better. 

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gotta Keep On Going

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“The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you’re willing to work.”
~ Oprah Winfrey

This past week has been a really good week for me. I have totally turned it around from the week before. I was so upset after buying my new scale that my weight number was not what I thought it was. If you recall, it was 8 lbs. different. But I still forged ahead and kept on going not looking back. Actually I didn't want to look back. So last sunday was the day I decided to start counting my calories. Oh boy was I glad I did. I never realized how much of a difference counting calories could make. I've noticed the things that I used to eat are really not that appealing to me anymore (ex. junk food). Even when I go to the grocery store now I look at how much calories there are in things. My new thing to eat right now when I am craving sweet or just plain bored and want to munch on something is a breath savers mint. The best part it's only 5 calories. My biggest problem was munching while I was at work.Sitting at a desk all day long gets pretty boring at times. So what would be the next thing best thing to do grab a something to munch on and snack away. Now work has added a big screen (60 in. in fact) tv in our lobby and who is the main person at the lobby. Me? So do you know how tempting it is to just grab a bag of whatever chips is at the vending machine and munch on it while watching some tv. Very temting. Though I don't and that's why I have my mints handy. Gotta love those mints. So in conclusion I am going to keep on forging ahead until I reached my goal weight. Oh.. I forgot to mention the best part. I've lost 8 lbs. total since sunday!! I am super stoked! I feel great! Have a great week!

Question: What parts of your body are you especially proud of right now? What makes you love them?

The body part that i am most proud of right now would have to be my legs. Calves especially. Before I started doing this workouts my legs expecially my calves they used to jiggle.. not a pretty site to me anyway. But now that i've done these jump lunges, jump squats and especially those air squats (i love them the most), my calves have been really toned. That is the most part i am proud of.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Reality Check BIG Time!

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The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.
Benjamin Mays

The Start of this week has actually not been that great. Sunday is the day that started it all. I decided that hey i could use a new weight scale. I pretty much just had a basic brand non-digital only cost me like $10. So off to the store we went. Hubby and two kids in tow we hit the weight scale aisle. We literally stood there for a good 30 minutes deciding which scale to get. I wanted a digital scale with a  memory tracker.. They had so many to choose from... one calculates your BMI.. one gives you encouragement when you lose weight and yells at you when you've gain. (there really is one.) We ended up settling on a $30 scale digital with memory that tracks your weight lost. Didn't really need all the fancy ones plus i don't like to hear gaining weight and being yelled at by a scale of all people. So off to home we went. Now the next part is a shocker. Went home jumped on the scale and my jaw just about dropped. I thought i was seeing things.. My old scale was off. Not by 1 pound, 2 pounds, or 3 pounds it was off by 8 pounds!! Do you know how it feels to know that you don't weight what you thought you did?  I was so mortified. I literally cried. My husband being supportive as he is told me to "suck it up" in a bit of a nice way and to keep moving foward. He said now i know my actual weight and i can go from there. Which is very nice to hear but still seeing that number shoot up past my weight, i was just devastated. So what did i do next?? Did i sit on the couch and grab a cookie?? Nope I walked my butt downstairs and i walked my anger and fustrations off. By the time i was done i felt so much better. We ate a healthy meal for dinner (salad and even measure everything) and i didn't even eat dessert.. though i was wanting to. My hubby just kept reminding me do i really need that? In the end i really didn't need it.  I have signed up on a website to keep track of my calorie intake so i am in more control of my outcome. I want to reach my goal! So I am moving foward and this time I won't looking back. I will be finishing up this 2week challenge and I can't wait for the next one to begin. I super psyched and ready to go. I am more determined then ever.

Also Best of Luck to all the finalist tonight. The next Mamavation Moms will be announced tonight at the twitter party. Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gotta Keep On Smiling...

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This past week I haven't had any major changes So my post might be a little small. I have been doing the 2week challenge again but this time around it completely exhausted me. In a good way don't get me wrong but i just felt so tired afterwards. I have included walking on the treadmill everyday with the 2week challenge routine. I still have to get use to drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Not quite there yet. Working on it..slowly but surely.. This past week I have notices my allergies went into overload.. I was sneezing up a hay storm and my eyes itch. I've been taking Zyrtec but if you have allergies you know how it is.. it can only work for so long. I feel like I'm popping those things in my mouth like m&ms everyday. Anyhoo on a good note to end my post I stepped on the scale this morning and i haven't gain any pounds.. Good thing right? I suppose though I didn't lost any either. A little sad but I'll just keep holding my head up high and keep on smiling. Any suggestions on how to move my scale backwards without cheating would be greatly appreciated. Like i said before i feel like I'm stuck. Have a good rest of the week and remember just to keep on smiling.. (It is pretty contagious if you see someone else do it... try it.. :) )

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stick and Stone May Break My Bones But Your Words Can Never Break Me

Photo Credit: Colin Bailey

This past week has been a lot of ups and downs for me ..But im still going strong.. I have realized that i shouldn't dwell to much on what people think of me rather than i should just keep my head up high and go foward.. I started off the week with a family member telling me that i look like i've  "add on a few pounds too many" to put it in a nice way. I of course got a little defensive. Granted they haven't seen me in like a year but i just felt so defeated. I just finished doing the 2 week challenge and i so  was excited i lost 5 lbs. (yea me! :) ) But then hearing what i just heard was not so good. I eventually brushed it off my shoulders and didn't dwell on it. I would've just got too down and you know how food and being down goes together. Didn't want to go down that road. So i held my head up high and kept going foward. I still did my excercises though not a consistent as when i was doing my 2 week challenge but i still did them. I have started noticing that i don't eat as much as usually do. My next goal is to start counting my calories consistently. I tend to forget alot. I have also incorporated walking into my excercise. I've realized that i need to do more walking. I know that I and only I can be the one to do something of my outcome. I am not going to let anyone stand in my way no matter how depressing some comments are to me. But do you want to know what the best part of my week was. Getting on that scale this morning and seeing those numbers move back. Though not alot, still it moved. I lost 2 more pounds.. :) So as i double check to see if i was mistaken, i get off the scale and smile to myself knowing i am 2 more pounds less closer to getting to my goal weight. In conclusion I have signed up to do another two week challenge and I am hoping I will see more numbers moving backwards in the right direction. So for now I am taking it one day at a time and I am not letting anyone stop me.

Question: Where are you planning for your feet to take you before 2011 ends? Any races or training plans?

Before 2011 ends I plan on being 40 lbs. lighter. I am hoping anway. :) I hope to succeed this by eating right, counting calories, and also by doing daily excercises and walking. I have entered to do a 5k walk in October. I am pretty psyched that i've signed up to do it. It will be my first walk ever in my lifetime. My biggest accomplishement will be finishing it. After that i am hoping to do a 5k run. But we'll see how i do with my walk first. I am not a big runner but i hope i will do it someday.As i mentioned one step at a time one day at a time.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changing My Life Starting Today 09.19.11

4 weeks ago  from tommorrow i decided i needed a change. i was tired of going through life being tired and feeling like crap basically. so i decided to do something about it. My best friend told me about mamavations 2 week challenge. i decided to do it just for fun.First week about killed me. my body knew something different was happening. muscles i hadnt used before i started using again...To say the least my body was in pain.. but in a good way.  2 weeks later i completed it and loved it completely. although sweat monster is my least favorite workout i still forged on ahead. She then said why dont you just do the two week challenge. So i decided why the heck not ive already done it once why not doing it again.. So here i am on day 13 just finished at doing my paralyzed workout and though i am not completely paralayzed i feel great. i have even incorporated a workout on the treadmill and even the ab crusher workout. Need to stay motivated. One more day and i will be finished with this challenge. Will i be done then?? Answer is no i would like to keep going. Being petite (4ft. 11 1/2 in.) i doing like weighing what i weigh now. I started 4 weeks ago @ 165 lbs. ive lost 5 lbs.. (yah me!) but i feel like im stuck.. i would like to keep going and would like to lose another 40 more lbs.. Any praises and encouragement would help go along way because my road is a long way and i know there will be days where i will need that boost of courage.. Please stop on by and introduce yourself as i would love to meet new people who are in the same boat as i am. I am also pledging to be a sista in the mamavation sisterhood. I would love to be a sista because i want to make a difference in my life as well as someone elses. I am committed to changing and helping to change my life and somone elses. I feel i can support people who are in the same boat as i am and give support also. So in conclusion please help me along in my journey and support my choices as i will do the same in your journey.. thank you all and have a great night!   :)