Thursday, September 22, 2011

Changing My Life Starting Today 09.19.11

4 weeks ago  from tommorrow i decided i needed a change. i was tired of going through life being tired and feeling like crap basically. so i decided to do something about it. My best friend told me about mamavations 2 week challenge. i decided to do it just for fun.First week about killed me. my body knew something different was happening. muscles i hadnt used before i started using again...To say the least my body was in pain.. but in a good way.  2 weeks later i completed it and loved it completely. although sweat monster is my least favorite workout i still forged on ahead. She then said why dont you just do the two week challenge. So i decided why the heck not ive already done it once why not doing it again.. So here i am on day 13 just finished at doing my paralyzed workout and though i am not completely paralayzed i feel great. i have even incorporated a workout on the treadmill and even the ab crusher workout. Need to stay motivated. One more day and i will be finished with this challenge. Will i be done then?? Answer is no i would like to keep going. Being petite (4ft. 11 1/2 in.) i doing like weighing what i weigh now. I started 4 weeks ago @ 165 lbs. ive lost 5 lbs.. (yah me!) but i feel like im stuck.. i would like to keep going and would like to lose another 40 more lbs.. Any praises and encouragement would help go along way because my road is a long way and i know there will be days where i will need that boost of courage.. Please stop on by and introduce yourself as i would love to meet new people who are in the same boat as i am. I am also pledging to be a sista in the mamavation sisterhood. I would love to be a sista because i want to make a difference in my life as well as someone elses. I am committed to changing and helping to change my life and somone elses. I feel i can support people who are in the same boat as i am and give support also. So in conclusion please help me along in my journey and support my choices as i will do the same in your journey.. thank you all and have a great night!   :)

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