Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grasping at Straws....

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Weight Lost to date: 10 lbs.
Weight lost this week: None
Weight gained this week: None :)

Hi Everyone! My post is a little late this week. I've been so busy. Though that's not excuse it's my only one at the moment and it's the truth. As a mother to two little monkeys, working full time and going to school my schedule is a bit hectic at the moment and stressful. So please bare with me for a minute or two as i vent out my fustration. I am literally grasping at straws. The month of November is actually a very touching month for me. November is the month for awareness for Type 2 Diabetes. Only my closest friends who know me know that I have type 2 diabetes. It is something I rarely tell people.

 Another secret that I don't tell people is that the month of November is the month I lost my mother to diabetes.I was at a very young age (literally an infant-see pic).  So as you can tell November is a pretty emotional month for me and it is also the same reason that keeps me going to change my life and lose weight. My motivation is that I want to live long and old enough to meet my grandkids.  If you have diabetes then you know the ups and downs of having it and the difficulties of staying on track and losing weight. For me it has been a challenge. Blood Sugar being low is a new thing that i am facing with, while counting my calories and excercising.  So as i discover new recipes and watch my numbers move back slowly i am still figuring out how to stay on track. Any ideas or recipes would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a good week.

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  1. November is my favorite month (Birthday and Wedding Anniversary) so I am sorry it is a tough month for you.

    I can't offer too much in way of advice, but I can offer an understanding ear. Mother to two monkey boys and full time student myself, so I can empathize!

    I am here if you want to chat :)