Monday, October 3, 2011

Gotta Keep On Smiling...

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This past week I haven't had any major changes So my post might be a little small. I have been doing the 2week challenge again but this time around it completely exhausted me. In a good way don't get me wrong but i just felt so tired afterwards. I have included walking on the treadmill everyday with the 2week challenge routine. I still have to get use to drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Not quite there yet. Working on it..slowly but surely.. This past week I have notices my allergies went into overload.. I was sneezing up a hay storm and my eyes itch. I've been taking Zyrtec but if you have allergies you know how it is.. it can only work for so long. I feel like I'm popping those things in my mouth like m&ms everyday. Anyhoo on a good note to end my post I stepped on the scale this morning and i haven't gain any pounds.. Good thing right? I suppose though I didn't lost any either. A little sad but I'll just keep holding my head up high and keep on smiling. Any suggestions on how to move my scale backwards without cheating would be greatly appreciated. Like i said before i feel like I'm stuck. Have a good rest of the week and remember just to keep on smiling.. (It is pretty contagious if you see someone else do it... try it.. :) )

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  1. That "stuck" feeling is going around this week. I am right there with you. Keep exercising, eating right and get that water in and that scale will move!!

    Great job on the gruntstyle challenge. It is hard work but oh so worth it!!!

  2. Maintaining and not gaining is awesome! I'd bet you are losing weight, but you're building muscle (which weighs more than fat) with the #2weekchallenge and your walking.
    I'm awful with water, too. It's really hard for me to remember to keep water on hand and reach for it instead of something else. We can do it!
    You are doing AWESOME! Keep rocking it!

  3. Stuck is in the air! I'm the same way this week. I did take measurements though, and like Laura said, there's a change there! Keep it up! The challenge is tough but we're halfway through!

  4. Sometimes there is more at work than just the scale numbers... your body might be holding onto the weight temporarily, it could be some water weight, or hormonal... or something sneaky in your diet or lack of sleep. Keep working! Keep being healthy and making good choices. General health and healthy weight loss are the ultimate goals, so you are doing well.

    My key as a Mamavation Mom was eating more often... but well portioned amounts in the right food groups. My snacks were an apple and 6 cashews, etc.

    Have a good week and keep smiling!

  5. I think if you are moving that is great! Sometimes the scales are just sooo stubborn! :) Ignore them for a while if you can a couple of weeks maybe?

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Not gaining is definitely a good thing! Just take it one day at a time and remember, it's not about the number on the scale - it's about how you feel- making healthy changes for yourself & your family.

  7. omg, what a great blog. i just spent a good amount of time reading through your posts. i can't believe you're a mom and a wife --you look super young. :) i love meeting other mommy bloggers, and nice to meet you! i am your first follower. :)