Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to basics...


Weight loss this week: 0 lbs
Weight loss total: 40 lbs.

"When you're absolutely sure you can't,
 try again.. you just might surprise yourself" ~ unknown

Have you ever in the position where you're doing so good and then you hit that bump. Well I have been on that bump for about a month now. I have no idea how to get off of it so I decided to get back to the basics. I'm going to start counting calories again and working out 3-4 times a week.More water intake and  I hope this will kick start my body into losing weight again and final hit my goal.

How is everyone doing this week? Can you believe it is October already? The weather is getting colder outside. What are you're plans to stay active this winter?

Have a great week. :)

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  1. Yes, October kinda snuck up on me! I am trying not to freak out about the impending Holidays, birthdays and all I need to accomplish. Hope you have a great and productively-powerful week!

  2. I know what you mean about the plateau. I think your choice to go "back to basics" is really smart! My goal is to keep taking my walks this winter -- just find the warmest part of the day!

  3. Good luck getting through your plateau. I know you can do it!

  4. I did such an amazing job and maybe you are just taking a break? Ok, break is over now, get off you butt and move move move :))

  5. Back to Basics is always the way to go when you hit the bump. You're going to do great ... slow and focused is the way to go. You've come so far already!

  6. Have fun with the back to basics time.

  7. I love the message and I think that it is important to recognize when to start over again

  8. Sometimes back to basics is exactly what the body (and mind) need to get over that bump in the road. Good luck!

  9. I'm with you getting back to basics. Stay positive! You got this!