Monday, February 27, 2012


Moderation is an ostentatious proof of our strength of character.
~ François de La Rochefoucauld
Weight loss this week: 0 lbs.
Weight loss total: 29 lbs.
This past week while hanging out with my SIL (sister-in-law) she told me she was addicted to food and that she loved food so much it was her weakness. You see she had the lap band done about a year ago. She lost roughly about 70 lbs. very drastically. In the last 4 months she ended up going to the hospital and having the lap band unfilled. For those that don't know what a lap band is it is a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band,  is an inflatable silicone device placed around the top portion of the stomach to treat obesity by reducing excess body fat.As patients lose weight, their bands will need adjustments, or “fills,” to ensure comfort and effectiveness. The gastric band is adjusted by introducing a saline solution into a small access port placed just under the skin. A specialized non-coring needle is used to avoid damage to the port membrane and prevent leakage. Now her lap band is still on but she has no restrictions. Well from someone who just lost 70 lbs. it wasn't a good idea. She gained back about 25 lbs in a mere 3 months. Her love for food got the best of her. She told me the other day that she wanted to get it filled again. I tried my best to sway her not to and to do it naturally. I told her that though she can love all the foods she wants she just needs to learn moderation. Moderation is usually the key to any diet that anyone goes on. If you want a piece of cake why don't you. You don't need a big slice ,how about a small slice just to taste it? I know there's alot of people out there that just can't do moderation but i think it's a skill and process we can all learn to do with and it will all benefit us in the long run. I hope in the end she'll chose the natural way of losing weight. I know she can do it. She just needs more encouragement and support.
What steps have you made so far this year to improve your quality of life?

Steps I've made to improve my quality of life is to completely change my eating habit and incorporated exercises into my daily life. I have done great so far. 29lbs down and can't wait for more.

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  1. It's great that you're encouraging your SIL to lose weight naturally by doing things in moderation. I think it's the only way to really keep the weight off for good!!

  2. Moderation is a tough one for sure. Unfortunately, the personal has to really want to stick with it in order to be successful. I wish all the best for your SIL.

    Sometimes that big slice of cake taunts me, too. I just have to remember how far I have come and where I am going. That helps me remember that moderation is my friend. Have a great week.