Monday, February 6, 2012

Good Things Come In Small Packages

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Weightloss this week - 0 lbs.
Weight loss total 25 lbs.

Happy Monday Everyone!

You know that famous saying "Good things come in small packages."

Well i believe that they do. If you think about it small packages contain amazing gifts. Just like the Tiffany's box that you see above. I love the box. (OK maybe cause it's blue and it's from Tiffany's) But you do realize that inside it's probably something expensive. Tiffany's is an expensive jewelry store. So you see good things come in small packages. Now with that visual in mind you'll have to think next about weight loss. These past two weeks I have hit a plateau. I wish i could say I've over come it but I haven't. I am stuck at the same spot i was two weeks ago. Not gaining any weight but not losing any either is a little bit of a downer. But i picked myself back up and have a new outlook about it. Just like the box I realized that my weight loss comes in increments. (small increments, but I'll take it.) I have lost a total of 25 lbs. since starting mamavation. I did hit my 27 lbs. weight loss goal but ever since after Christmas I haven't moved. I gained 2 lbs back and haven't moved an inch. Though i am thankful I'm not gaining any either. So i am going to keep my head up high and go with it. Like the quote says "Good things come in small packages".  I will see what happens no matter how small it may be I will take it. How has your week been?

What food do you think  is good for your heart?

When I think of this question the first thing that comes to my mind is Cheerios. I love Cheerios. Especially the multi-grain cheerios. Love it to death. It does help that my kids love it too.  Did you know that Cheerios is Certified by the American Heart Association? It's a good source of fiber. Excellent source of iron. Good source of calcium and it's low fat. Gotta love that part. It's a staple in my household. What do you think is a good food for your heart?

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  1. Cheerios! I love those & the super hero dad commercial. It takes a lot of work to get those scale results so in a way they are expensive gifts to ourselves. You are amazing!

  2. Love cheerios - they make perfect snacks for the kiddos. I am so with you on plateau. I hope it gets better

  3. Sorry you are stuck...have you tried changing your workout some...trying something new or adding strength training in. Like you said though you will take the little package you recieved..that in itself is great! Good luck...and yes cheerios are great.

  4. Plateau's are not fun but look at how far you have come! :) Keep it up and stay motivated! It will get to moving really soon!!!

  5. I'm at a plateau right now too! Keep up your positive attitude and you'll be losing weight before you know it!! :)

  6. That's the attitude you've got to have! We all hit those plateaus at times and it can be just discouraging enough to knock you down. But if you can conquer that and overcome it (which you can!), then you'll be doing awesome!

  7. Plateaus can't last if you keep on them, and that is precisely what you are doing!! Love your can do attitude!!