Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Been Awhile..

" When I excercise I wear all black. It's like a funeral for my FAT. " - anonymous

Weight Loss this week - 1.6 lbs.
Weight loss total - 49 lbs

Hey everyone. I'm back. I'm been gone quite a while. Life is way too busy and I just haven't had the time to get back into exercising regularly. Though that is my goal this week. A little update on what has happened so far. I hit my goal last month! Yeah! (happy dance) I've still manage to keep it off and I even jog/walked a 5k with a friend. Though I won't lie I was sore the next day from all the uphills and downhills through out the course. I might've not stretch enough either. I plan on doing a 10k next month and another 5k in august. Hoping to be able to run in through without stopping. We'll see how it goes. I'll be happy if i get to finish and beat my time of 48 mins. I know.. not the best but oh well it was my first time doing it. How is everyone one else doing?

So this weeks goal is to get back on track in exercising and to manage my seasonal allergies that's kicking my butt at the moment. If you have allergies then you know how i feel. There are days i feel like death and look like it. Have a great week everyone.


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  1. Way to go, Marie! You are amazing!!!

  2. Welcome back and glad you had a great week!