Monday, July 30, 2012

Grateful for slow and steady

" Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid of only standing still " ~ unknown

Weight loss this week - 2 lbs.
Weight loss total - 39 lbs.

Happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week so far. I've been really M.I.A. lately and i do apologize for that. Been busy with work and school and life. Of course that 's no excuse. Honestly I haven't been working out as much lately. Lot's of walking and staying active but not alot of workouts. Have to get back on track. Anyhoo... the good news though is that i have maintained my weight and i even lost 2 lbs. this week. Total if 39 lbs. to date. Only 9 more lbs. till i reach my goal weight. Slowly but surely I'll get there.  I can't believe I've come this far and I have Mamavation to thank for. So thank you Mamavation and all my sistas out there for all the love, support, and encouragement. I am so appreciative.

How has everyone else doing this week. Drop me and line and let me know. Would love to hear from everyone else. Much Love and have a great week!

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