Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Swimsuit TEST

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Weight loss this week: 0 lbs.
Weight loss total: 32 lbs.

" Fear is what stops you... courage is what keeps you going."

I'm back... Haven't blog since last week but I've been around listening but quiet. I hope everyone had a great weekend. This weekend was the weekend my family decided it was time to go swimsuit shopping. Before you know it our vacation time will be here. Kids were easy to shop for and so was my hubby. I on the other hand dreaded it. First I was slightly excited since I've lost a good 32 lbs. all together since being in this community. I've gained back a pound since last week. :( .. Back to my swimsuit shopping. I wanted to look for a one piece. Wasn't ready for a two piece yet. My abs are not were i want them to be. Though I have been working on them. I grab a size Medium. It said it was a size 8/9. I figured I would fit it. I'm a size 7/8. No sweat. I cried when I put them on. Not happy tears but upset tears. It didn't fit... I had to have my husband grab the next size up. A Large 10/11. It fit. I felt like I've gone back 2 steps. I was so upset. Though my husband kept assuring me that it was fine. I didn't feel fine. He says it's because I have big boobs.  I know I've made progress and I've gone down in sizes just shopping for swimsuit makes it depressing. Has anyone else have this problem or am the only one??

My next step is not dwelling on it too much and I'm going to keep exercising and keep doing my steps. Hopefully by the time I leave for vacation my swimsuit will be a little loose. Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Oh dear please o not trust sizes. Each brand is different and I know that depending of the brand their large is for juniors! You have been doing great. Hugs

  2. Girl you know they are making everything way too small now. I agree with Monica- don't trust the sizes!

    Don't get down on yourself and all of the work you have put in. Celebrate it!

  3. Every time I go clothes shopping, it's a wee bit depressing (okay a lot). But, Monica's right - each brand has their own sizing system and they aren't always consistent (at all). You're doing awesome!

  4. I hate swimsuits. For me, it's not even about size, but about everything is that gets exposed, especially my legs. Just remember, different clothing brands come in different sizes! Overall, you have done an awesome job losing weight!

  5. Ok, So you know I was in the apparel industry making clothes for years. The designer decide the sizing, there is no standard measurements or regulations for clothing size, in the US. So DO NOT judge yourself based on a number, because it is a number based on a scale some designer makes in her or his office. I can vary from a 18 to 24 in pants I cant let it define me. By what fits that will make you feel great.. you know you lost, and you look great that is what matters to you. superexhausted . com

  6. Sizes are stupid. ;) Seriously, a good friend of mine reminded me once that it doesn't matter what the tag says, just that we look and feel good in the size. Plus, I think clothes makers are making them smaller and smaller anyway! You are doing an awesome job!!

  7. First off, I SWEAR swimsuits are made a few sizes smaller then they actually say.., don't fret! PLUS you have lost soo much, and your looking GREAT! As frustrating as it gets remember how far you've come!
    ALSO I've noticed if I go for the more 'expensive' suits, the sizes are a bit more on scale, so it depends on where you were shopping! I can literally be in 3 different sizes on one day, just because of the way they are made.
    Please be PROUD OF YOURSELF< I'm super proud of you!

  8. Marie, do not feel bad about the swimsuit. No matter what the tag says, I bet you look great in it! Wear it and feel confident that you have earned the body that is rocking the suit.

  9. You have done so much and you have made awesomely great strides for your health. Don't let this get you down. Like everyone else said, the sizes seem to get smaller and smaller.

  10. After I lost weight I went to my new favorite shop here in town, the owners first comments were don't look at the size add they pulled things from around the store. They didn't want me to be discouraged. I came home with things from medium to x-large