Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm Sexy and I NOW i know it!

Me and my coco bean @Kohl's. I fit a size 9!!!

Weightloss this week: 0 lbs.
Total weightloss: 27 lbs.

Waking up today was a little rough for me. I stepped on the scale and I got a little discouraged. I gained 2 lbs. since last sunday. Instead of beating myself up (ok i admit i did a little) i walk/run (or tried to for the most part ~run) 1.25 miles. I felt so much better afterwards but it still lingered in my mind that i gained 2 lbs. How is that possible? Could it be just muscle?? I though about it and i vent to my bff (shannon) and she suggested retail therapy to make me feel better. "Try on some clothes" she says. So me and my little coco bean did. We went to kohl's and then we went to discovery. I decided to try on some jeans. I took 2 pairs a size 11 and a size 9. (i was thinking why the hell not. If i don't fit at least i know where i stand.) I tried on the size 11 and they were perfect. lose and perfect. My coco bean said mama try the next one. So i did and boy was i estatic. Wait better yet I was f***ing happy!! I tried it on and they fit. like a glove. I went from a size 14 to a size 9 in about 4 months. Can u belive it?? All the hard work i've done and all the support i have had from mamavation paid off. I can officially say I'm sexy now and I freaking know it. People who don't think so, i really don't care, because I feel it and it feels good! :) I ended up buying 2 pairs of pants. One size 9 jeans from discovery clothing and size 11 work pants. I even decided to buy a shirt that said "SEXY" on it. The little things in life that make everything worth it.

I have tried to walk more steps each day than the last and even though i haven't on some days i do try to at least get my 10k steps in. My most so far. (see pic below)  This week has also been a little rough (but so worth in the end) because we have the 2week challenge going on and also mamavation hazing. I think my biggest challenge will be this coming week. School starts and i will be one busy lady but i know i can do it. I've done it in the past and this won't change it one bit. So 2weekchallenge, mamavation hazing, and school bring it. I am so ready! I just keeping thinking of the outcome and the great feeling that goes along with it.

Date Picture Taken: 01/11/2012

So in conclusion even though my day started off bad it did turn out to be a fantastic day afterall. I hope everyone has a great week so far! Please don't forget to continue in supporting me on becoming the next mamavation mom. Please support me either on twitter or on facebook. Thank you to all who have supported me so far and continue to support me today.

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What are your latest healthy food discoveries?

My lastest healthy food discovery would be that i love eathing spinach lately. Weird craving and eating lots of fruits when i feel like snacking. What have u discovered lately?

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  1. I love eating spinach as well! I like it sautéed with some shrimp, garlic, tomato, and lemon juice. Throw it over a bed of whole wheat angel hair pasta and you have a nice meal! :) Or you can always eat it w/o the pasta too!

    Congrats on hitting size 9 Sexy Mama!! :))

  2. I love spinach too. Stopping in from the Mamavation Campaign. Good luck on your quest and congrats on your weight loss so far. Great job!

  3. I'm doing the 2 week challenge too! Keep on keeping on!
    P.S. I'm from Hawaii too :) Born and raised in Honolulu, but now living in Texas

  4. Girl, I do not know how you did the 20,103 steps, freaking amazing!!! Congrats on the size 9, sometimes the scale is not a good reflection. Good luck over the next week, maybe we can see each other in the finals?!?!

  5. You are kicking butty, Girl! So awesome . YAY to size 9

  6. Great job! Doesn't that size 9 feel good? Who cares what the scale says. You are probably racking up the lean muscle mass.

    Keep it up and great step count! It is amazing what you can accomplish.

  7. You are doing absolutely awesome with the hazing and such. I am amazed by your steps. Awesome job!!!!

    And great job with your weight loss. You are doing it!!!!!

  8. Way to go! Its an amazing feeling to fit in smaller pants. I remember tweeting pics from the fitting room myself. You totally kick butt in steps. High five! Good luck :)